My Books

The site is designed with book lovers in mind. As the owner and founder of The Books Dilettante, I also have my personal choice of the must read books that everyone should read. Everyone of us has our own preference when it comes to reading. Being a bookworm and a certified bibliophile, I know there are lots of books out there that can capture the interests of people who are not so into reading and those who prefer other genres.

In my list of favorite books of all time, I have made the selection based on a wide variety of factors like the plot, characters, uniqueness of story and over-all impact among many others. The best books are those that can withstand the test of time, the kind of material that can inspire and move people. After all, the purpose of authors in publishing this book is to reach out to their readers and to share their thoughts and ideas. A book worth reading can impart something to its readers, a valuable lesson that can remind them of the most essential things in life whether it is about life, family, friends, love, values, history and a whole lot more. These are the kinds of books that can draw any reader and even those who are not really into reading.

When it comes to giving advice when it comes to the best books to read, one should not read books just because they are the trend today. Do not go for the most popular for even the classics and those materials that were written years ago have superb literary value and quality. Every genre showcases the best titles that offer more profound value to its readers. From fiction to classic books, the list could even be endless. As a reader, you can always choose which book suits your interest.